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If you want to migrate and work in Germany and have the skills and skills required, and ready to learn German, do not think about illegal immigration. All you have to do is call the Virtual Call Center at the German Foreign Labor Placement Center.

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The mission of the center is to explain the conditions of work in Germany and to clarify the qualifications required in 13 languages. 

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The center helps you to create a prior understanding of the conditions of immigration to Germany before leaving your country. 

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The Agency also informs German employers that there is a skilled candidate who meets the conditions for filling their vacancy. After direct contacts between the migrant candidate and the employer, the procedure for obtaining a visa to Germany begins through your embassy in your country 

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Qualifications required
You must have academic and professional qualifications, such as university degree certificates or equivalent, or provide vocational and vocational qualification certificates. Certificates must be comparable with their German counterparts.

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Learning German is essential, without which you can not get a job in Germany, no matter how strong your professional qualifications are. It is therefore best to learn the German language at least before coming to Germany. 

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You can contact the German Center, which is unique in the world and in Europe.

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