Obtaining a visa for immigration to Ukraine

Obtaining a visa for immigration to , Ukraine is the second largest Eastern European country, bordered by the Russian Federation to the east and Belarus to the north, Poland to Slovakia, Hungary to the west, Romania and Moldovia to the southwest, the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Azov to the south, Ukraine is a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States between 1923-1991, The city of Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and the largest city in it.

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Requirements for obtaining a visa Ukraine:

1 – A valid passport for at least six months after the expiry of the visa with at least two empty pages and a photocopy of it.

2. Modern photographic images of 2 x 5.5×3.4 (white background).

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3. Biometric data collection (fingerprint fingerprint survey and digital image): None.

4. Health Insurance Policy: Available.

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5. Documents supporting the application:

– Complete the visa application form clearly and fully.
– Origin of the invitation issued by the Department of Passports and Nationality in Ukraine or an invitation through the Ukrainian government agencies.

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– A letter from the employer indicating the job location, date of appointment, and monthly salary.
– Commercial register and tax card for the self-employed.
– Certified bank statement for the last three months.

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6. Language requirements:

– Applications and documents supporting the application are submitted in Ukrainian or in English with a photocopy of them. 

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7 – The period required to obtain the visa:

– From 01 – 15 business days for express service or after 15 working days for regular service. 

8. Interview: No.

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9. Visa Fees:

– US $ 85 (for regular service – one time entry)
– USD 170 (for express service – once entry)
– US $ 130 (for regular service – double entry)
– USD 260 (for express service – double entry)
– US $ 200 (for regular service – Multiple entry times)
– US $ 400 (for express service – multiple entry times)

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Visa application forms can be downloaded in PDF format from bellow or ordered by mail. All these requirements will be processed and go to the Embassy of Ukraine in your country to obtain a visa and then travel to Ukraine.
Visa application forms

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