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Job opportunities in Sweden

Le Pain Francais AB


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Accommodation and food service activities

Food and beverage service activities

Municipality: GÖTEBORG

Occupation: Part-time, Wages: Monthly wages

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Job description:

Le Pain Francais is a café inspired by the state of France, a pastry shop, restaurant, and bakery since 1995. This day there are 12 Le Pain Francais in GÖTEBORG and several other modern places arranged for it.

We have employees of about thirty nationalities, and so are trying for those who want to work in a global environment.

Come and work with us in Le Pain Francais directly

The interviews will be held between 14 and 16 hours.

Canada Immigration and Visa Jobs

Because we are looking for a lot of miscellaneous services, please bring multiple CVs and think about any services that suit you.

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Services are:

– Cafeteria – Le Pen can teach the right people

– Staff service – minimum experience in one year service
– Dishwashers – Le Bien can teach the right person
– Chefs – 3 years of minimum experience
– Call – If Pine can teach all you have about 2 years of experience
– Motorists – me-knows, however, a driving license is required
– Bakers – at the lowest 5 years of experience
– Conditor – 3 years of minimum experience

Now hiring sales executive

If you are eligible for any kind of job support, remember to arrive at it in the interview.

The interviews will be between 2 pm and 4 pm, so be prepared for the waiting list and wait a few moments before your turn to meet the representative of Le Pain Francais

Work experience

There is no need for experience in the job

The correspondence with the company and the papers must be in either Swedish or English


Now hiring asistant marketing manager


Le Pain Francais AB
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