immigration and live in malaysia

Moving to another country is never easy. It may be hard to get used to a culture, a new language, a weather, a different system, and new food that you are not used to.

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If you have moved to this tropical paradise, congratulations to you to take this wise step. If you have not yet decided whether you would like to move here and still think about it, it is best to check out this article. We have compiled a list of top seven reasons to move to Malaysia.

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Political and economic stability

Malaysia has experienced many years of political and economic stability. It is also unlikely to experience a severe economic recession despite the current economic conditions in the world.

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Malaysia has a well-developed infrastructure that is constantly improving. It has a world-class airport, a modern capital and excellent roads. In addition, it has a strong commitment to becoming a leading IT hub in the region.

Real estate

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Foreigners can buy residential homes as many as they want, even if they are a freehold system with a price tag of RM500,000, and a local loan can be obtained. Not only that, but some companies can arrange for short-term rents and take care of your home if you are away from it.

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Safety and health

The crime rate in Malaysia is much lower than in most other Western countries. Health services are also highly efficient, and private nurses offer world-class treatments at a much lower cost than other countries. 

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Natural beauty

Malaysia is one of the lowest-lying countries in Asia and contains many of the countryside that is worth exploring from forests, hills and tropical islands, or you can just relax on the many beaches. Malaysia also contains a huge wealth of flora, fauna and wildlife.

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Most foreigners have local Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine. There are also many restaurants serving dishes from around the world.

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People and language
The Malaysians are very friendly and warm, and most of them are fluent in English. You do not need to make yourself look like a native country, so be sure that you will not find any problem in settling down and making friends, no matter where you come from.

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