Brazil’s Humanitarian Visa Requirement

For those who want a Brazilian visa for a two-year visa in Brazil under simplified terms to facilitate access to Brazilian territory for stability in Brazil. 

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Conditions for Brazil’s humanitarian visa for asylum to Brazil

Provide a valid passport, preferably the applicant takes photographs of the passport. 

4 personal photos with white background. 

Visa payment is $ 20 to $ 30 maximum.

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Fill in the information form, a form that the applicant submits to fill in the special information .

Details and basic conditions for obtaining Brazilian citizenship .

The age of the applicant for the Brazilian passport is 18 years.

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To be a person a permanent work in Brazil is enough for him and his family.

The applicant must prove that he can speak Portuguese.

Stay in Brazil legally for at least 4 years before applying for Brazilian citizenship.

Conditions Brazil visa And the way of obtaining citizenship ! Brazil’s Humanitarian Visa Requirement

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The criminal record of the person submitting the application shall be free of nationality, whether outside or within Brazil.

If these basic conditions are met in the previous lines, you can prepare the required documents for Brazilian citizenship, such as residence in Brazil.


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