Immigration and residence in Spain

If you are an immigrant if you have a work permit or residence permit:

You must have renewed your residence and work permit. You must have worked for at least six months a year and have a certificate from the National Social Security Fund of Spain and you are still in the same profession for which you obtained a residence and work permit without change or signed a work contract with If you have a residence permit without a job, you can apply for a work permit provided that you prove that you are legally resident. Spain for A period of not less than one year and a preliminary labor contract shall be issued and certified by the Labor Office. Or visit the website: mtas

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If you wish to renew your work and residence permit

Do not forget that you can request the renewal sixty days before the expiry date and three months after its expiry. In both cases, the renewal request in the Spanish Immigration Department is considered an extension of the validity of the work permit until the broadcast.

*Note :If the work and residence permits were renewed for the first time, the validity of the first renewal is two years, the second renewal is two years and the third renewal is granted permanent residence which is renewed every five years.

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  • Spanish Citizenship Law:

Ten years of legal residence in Spain for citizens of non-European countries
Five years for refugees two years
If you were from the Latin American countries, Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Portugal, Spanish Jews and Savardit students in Spain
Students enrolled in various Spanish institutes and universities may be allowed to work in various public sectors for half a day or a full day, provided that the period of work is not more than three months per year and that it does not coincide with the school days
Family gathering
You must give your residence permit for a full year and get the approval to renew your work and residence permit for at least another year

  • Family Gathering Law:

Including children under 18 years of age or children with special needs unless they are married, as well as a spouse or spouse, taking into consideration the Spanish law in civil cases where polygamy is not recognized, and the law also includes your parents or the father’s wife, Ada Kano, under maintenance. In cases of illness

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  • Service of houses and public services

You can perform social security installments if you work in different places and with several operators in the hours system, provided that the number of hours worked does not exceed 72 hours per month on a twelve-month basis without the need for a contract. In the second case, the operator is obliged to sign a work contract The work hours exceeded 80 hours per month, replacing scientific evidence and diplomas.
You can request the equivalence of evidence and diplomas obtained from your country of origin in the interests of education and culture by consular furniture in the country of which you belong, the education and science inspectors, the regional administration of the Spanish Ministry of Education or the Directorate of Equivalence of Scientific Evidence,mec

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  • Change of driving licenses for cars and trucks

The license must be valid and your legal stay in Spain should not have been more than six months in the case of driving licenses that do not exceed the weight of a load of 3500 kg. As for the trucks, the Spanish traffic law provides for the passing of the theoretical and practical examination and every immigrant who obtains the driver’s license after He has no legal right to change his residence, knowing that there are bilateral agreements between the Spanish Kingdom and a number of the following countries:

Anodra, Switzerland, South Korea, Japan, Bulgaria, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Morocco, Venezuela, Chile, Romania and Algeria.

Address of the Spanish General Directorate of

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  • Operators and contractors

According to the laws in force in Spain, workers belonging to the European Union, such as Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein, have the right to travel and work without applying for a license to be applied to other countries of the world not provided for in this paragraph
Persons of religion are covered by the law of contracting other than EU countries and the conditions stipulated in the Immigration Act
The contractor must have a valid work permit
Religion students have a residence permit to study with permission to work
Persons of religion have a residence permit with a document that allows them to work
Persons of religion have a permanent residence permit
Married or married to citizens of countries of the European Union

  • How to contract:

You can contract with the workers located within the Spanish national territory provided they have a valid work permit or residence permit and as such you can hire workers from Morocco provided that you comply with the conditions stipulated in the labor agreement between Morocco and Spain.

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The license that the worker must have at the time of execution of the contract
The work permit of the initial class B, which determines its validity in a particular geographical environment and occupation, and whose validity is not exceeding one year and can be requested to change.
(B) renewable work permit under the Immigration Act, which extends to all Spanish territory and to all fields of work and validity for two years
The work permit of the class {x} and its validity is two years renewable
License to work for your own account
A work permit of class (d) initial, which does not exceed the validity of a year
A renewable work permit, which does not exceed the validity of two years and as a class {e}

  • Special Work Licenses:

Frontier Workers (Frentierzo) Cross-border and seasonal service workers, according to the Royal Spanish Order No. 864/2001, paragraph 76,77,78.

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Work permits for some categories are special
Foreigners who reside for the purpose of the study may apply for a work permit as long as the study does not interfere
Political asylum seekers with a work permit can work within the institution that has been hired and are not allowed to work outside the country. Religion is covered by the Family and Social Enrollment Law.

Some important addresses for social affairs
National Security Administration
Regional Prosecution for Education

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