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The Icelandic state is made up of several islands located in the north of the Atlantic, Scandinavian countries. Iceland and Scandinavia link several agreements, including a convention on the return of refugees other than the Dublin Convention known in Europe. Iceland’s capital is Reykjavik, Iceland’s largest city, 130,000 people out of Iceland’s total population of 330,000.

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The basic condition for asylum in Iceland is the presence of a person wishing to seek asylum on the Icelandic border or within the territory of Iceland in order to be able to apply for asylum. Progress on the border is through the surrender of the same person to the first police officer at the border or through a police station, Progress is preferred from within the country rather than on the border.

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The request for asylum can also be submitted through UNHCR, but the processing of the request takes a very long time due to the large counter submitted by UNHCR.

We now come to the most important conditions required to accept your asylum application in Iceland:
1. The person shall not have a fingerprint in a State of Dublin.

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2. The person should not have a fingerprint in a Scandinavian country because Iceland has a special asylum agreement with Scandinavian countries other than the Dublin Convention, which requires the return of the person to the Scandinavian State where he was first registered.

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3. The person has not passed through a European Union country before coming to Iceland, but this step is tolerated with most, if not all, of Iceland, as long as the person does not have a fingerprint in a Dublin country.

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After asylum is granted in Iceland gives the refugee the right to reside on its territory for 4 years. The refugee can work and study in Iceland and exercise his or her normal life during the period of residence.

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Documents required to apply for asylum in Iceland:
A person must present a passport or provide an official document proving the person’s identity, knowing that only the passport can be accepted as a document proving the person’s origin.

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If the authorities in Iceland discover that a person has forged any of his documents during the examination of his application, he may be deported to his country and may be imprisoned. If the forgery is discovered after the person has been granted residence, he may be subject to the withdrawal of residence and imprisonment for one year.

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Iceland’s material aid to refugees:
During the processing of an asylum application, if the person does not have enough to support himself, the Immigration Service in Iceland provides food, medical care, housing and other assistance.

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After receiving asylum Iceland provides a monthly stipend for a refugee of about $ 1,230. The couple has $ 1840. The aid is increased if there are children. In a later article I will talk about aid and housing in Iceland more broadly and comprehensively.

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