Easiest 5 countries to migrate to Europe

Easiest 5 countries to migrate to Europe ! In this article I will talk about the easiest Europe countries to gain citizenship. When you try to move to another country, you should consider a list of things, and most important, is there a real possibility of obtaining a nationality or not?

In principle, we go back to basics, what does it mean to have citizenship or naturalization?

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This means that a person is recognized under the laws of that State and is a legal member of the State. This gives the person security within the state and the sense of belonging to it and living it becomes more integrated with neighbors and colleagues.

Getting citizenship is accompanied by rights and duties, which is called social contract. For example, you have the right to vote and you have the duty of social work. In short, obtaining citizenship means that you are an active member of the society and the various activities of life.

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However, you are not required to obtain a nationality for living in another country. You can move to live and apply for residence. You can work in it, find accommodation or study there. You will have a certain number of years as a temporary residence. On this subject in the difference between residency and nationality.

In order to obtain citizenship, there are many ways in which to be born to parents of the nationality of the state and in some countries to be born within its borders where it confers its nationality on a person born on its territory or to marry the holder of nationality.

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On the whole, the most common way to acquire citizenship by naturalization is to live for a number of years, learn their language, engage in society, social life, customs and traditions.

In this article, 4 countries of the Eueope will be offered the easiest to obtain citizenship. The most important factor is the time period for living before obtaining citizenship and if they allow dual nationality.

1 : United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, which has a long history and is the United Kingdom between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, has a population of 64 million. And was one of the most important founders of the European Economic Area before the European Union in 1973.

In order to obtain British citizenship, you must be over 18 years of age. Your record is free from any crime, English language and life details for the United Kingdom.

And be resident at least 5 years before applying for citizenship and that you have not been abroad for more than 450 days during this period.

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2 : France

France is rich in definition, a country with a great civilization and a very important location and has great beaches in the Mediterranean Sea, the English Channel, the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. With a population of 66 million.

In order to obtain French citizenship, you must comply with the laws and be a resident for at least 5 years before applying for the same nationality.

3 : Sweden

Sweden is one of the best European countries. It is located in northern Europe and has 10 million citizens and joined the European Union in 1995.

To become a Swedish citizen who is required to be over 18 years of age and have no problems or criminal record and resident in the country for at least 5 consecutive years and the duration of two years only if you are a national of the Scandinavian countries.

Sweden is perhaps the first place in the ease of accepting humanitarian asylum, and we will talk about it in a separate article on the use of a state different from yours and for different reasons.

4 : Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is located in the middle of the European continent and therefore has a special position in its strategic location. It has a population of 10 million and is a country with history and civilization. Joined the European Union in 2004.

You must be a holder of a residence permit for at least five years prior to the date of applying for citizenship.

Also in its previous laws, you should have lost your citizenship before acquiring Czech citizenship, but you have abandoned this rule to comply with European Union policies.

It also requires your knowledge of the language and the cleanliness of your security record and the absence of problems in terms of legal and certainly you can learn the language through language lessons in addition to your life 5 years.

5 : Romania

Romania is located on the borders of Bulgaria and joined the European Union in 2007 with a population of 20 million.

To move to Romania and live in it and to acquire its nationality must be older than 18 years and you have proof that you can live in a decent and decent and also have a clean record away from problems and legal and criminal penalties and crimes and speak Romanian and have a limit The lowest knowledge of traditions in Romania.

In case you wish to acquire citizenship, you must learn the national anthem as well as the Constitution and have a legal life in the country for 5 years prior to the progress of nationality.

There is a fast track that makes it in fifth place and makes the stay half before you apply for citizenship. If you are internationally known, you are a citizen of another EU country or you can invest € 5 million in Romania.

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