Documents required for types of visas for Albania

Although it is not quite popular among tourists compared to its european neighbors, albania is a unique tourist destination that offers visitors a lot of ways to enjoy its beautiful cities, wonderful archaeological sites and charming natural places. If you plan to travel to albania,get to know about types of visas maybe you need to get into the country!

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Type A: Transit Visa

Type C: Tourism or visit
A short-term residence permit that allows the holder to stay in albanian territory for up to 90 days from 180 days and is not allowed to work.

Type D: Work visa
A long-term residence visa valid for one year, which allows the holder to stay in albania for up to 90 days from 180 days, and the holder must apply for a residence permit to be eligible to stay for more than 90 days.

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Who needs a visa to enter Albania?

Holders of arabic passports:

All passport holders of arab countries must obtain a visa to enter albania, with the exception of nationals of the united arab emirates and kuwait.

An exception is for citizens of qatar, saudi arabia, oman and bahrain, who can enter albania without a visa only between 30 May and 31 October.

Other passport holders:

Europe Union

Eastern European States

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Israel, Turkey, USA, etc.

African countries 

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Multiple valid visa holders or residence permits issued by, any country within the schengen area or the united states of america or the uk and northern ireland.

* Persons with residence permits must present a passport with a residence permit.

* The above visas should be valid and have already been used in these countries before entering albania.

* The investor can enter albania on a visa C issued by the albanian consulate, using the schengen visa, the united states visa or the british visa, where he can establish a company and obtain a work permit but can only obtain a visa D issued by the albanian consulate.

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Documents required for a visa to enter Albania

Visa type C:

1) Filling out the visa application
2) A photograph not later than six months from the date of application
3) Copy of the travel document (valid for at least 3 months longer than the required visa period)
4) Health insurance for the full duration of the visa
5) booking an air ticket, back and forth
6) Book the hotel during your stay
7) Documents proving that you have the financial ability to stay and return to the country of origin
8) For children under the age of 18: Declaration providing for the consent of the parent or legal guardian to travel to the child or the person responsible for him.

Visa type D:

In addition to the above documents, the applicant must provide a copy of the work permit issued by the Albanian authorities.

Family reunification visa type (D / BF)

This type of visa is issued to the wife and any family member under the age of 18.
1) A copy of the residence permit issued by the competent Albanian authorities.
2) A newly issued family certificate or family book.
3) Marriage certificate.
4) Tenancy contract for housing in Albania.
5) Commercial Registration or Commercial License.

6) For children under the age of 18: a declaration that provides for the consent of the parent or legal guardian to the child’s travel.
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