Competencies and skills required in the labor market Sweden

Sweden’s labor market is affected by supply and demand conditions, as in many industrialized or post-industrial countries, the publication of statistical studies on labor market requirements that helps to identify the jobs and occupations required, and contributes to the economy’s support for the labor force. 

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Statistics in Sweden indicate a lack of certain skills in the future , So the state has adopted new immigration laws allowing employers to bring in the skills they need.

The relevant government institutions issue a list of competencies required for the labor market at a rate of twice a year. 

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The list is based on the calculations of the number of those who are expected to join the labor market to the number of those who have been excluded due to retirement. 

The following list may help those interested in finding jobs in Sweden, This list usually makes minor adjustments when reissued, but gives a general impression of its purpose.

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Competencies and skills required in the Swedish labor market:

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Civil engineer specialized in construction and construction
Technician Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering Technician
Civil engineer specializing in electrical energy
Engineer specializing in ships
Specialized in ceilings and metal facades
Concrete Execution Agent
Mechanical repair and installation technician for cars
Construction worker of railways and roads
Building blocks, stone and tiled
Crane operator
Operator of earthworks and related factories
Composite Flooring
Nurse / Nurse General Health
A doctor
Nurse / Nurse Operating Room
Nurse / Nurse Psychiatric Care
Instructor of the nursery stage
Professional training technician

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