Canadian Immigration Pathways And Process

The IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada) has designed several immigration programs to allow the entry of immigrants in the country, depending on the category of immigrants, purpose of immigration, and skill and investment needs across the various provinces of Canada,

What is the significance of Canadian Immigration Programs?

The immigration programs in Canada have been designed keeping in mind the need of Canadian Labour market, economy and the purpose of visit of the immigrants. We have segregated these programs in different categories for your understanding and interpretation. Such categorization of immigration also makes the immigration more organized and straightforward for the understanding of everyone. The different immigration programs can be divided into four basic categories or streams:

    »  Federal Skill & Investment Need based Programs

These are the Federal Immigration programs focused on selecting and inviting the foreign skilled workers as well as the businessmen and investors in the country. So, if you are a skilled professional (i.e. Engineer, Construction manager, Software Engineer, etc.) or a businessmen/Investor, you can apply in Federal Skill & Investment need based Programs as given below. However, if you are looking to immigrate to any particular province, the PNPs are also there for you to apply.

The skill need based immigration programs are focused on the occupation demand or skill shortage in Canadian Labour Market, whereas, the Investor, or start up visa programs are intended to attract the investment as well as create new jobs in the country. Most of these immigration programs offer Permanent residency (PR)to selected candidates. Below are the key Skill & Investment Need based Programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)-Express Entry System
  • Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW)
  • Start up Visa Program
  • Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Program
  • Self Employed Person Program.
  • Caregiver Program

    » Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are the separate immigration programs of different provinces in Canada, i.e. Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, Nova Scotia, etc. The Skilled workers and businessmen/investor can also apply in PNPs to immigrate to Canada. The PNP of a province is usually focused on selecting the appropriate candidates to meet the skill and investment needs across that particular province. The key PNPs are as follows:

  • SINP
  • NSNP
  • OINP

    » Canadian Experience Based Program

These categories of programs have been designed to provide the permanent residency (PR) to those candidates, who are already in Canada and have gained the Canadian experience over the years. The applicants in this category include, foreign skilled workers on temporary work permit, or the international students enrolled in different universities of Canada. The CEC is the only Canadian experience based program.

  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

    » Purpose of Visit Based Programs

These programs are immigrant specific and hence, are based on the purpose of visit of the immigrants, i.e. immigrating to Canada to join their family members, etc. or immigrating to Canada to take refuge or asylum. Below are the key purposes of visit based programs.

    » Family Class Immigration

    » Refugee Programs

How to choose the specific Immigration program to immigrate to Canada?

As you have seen, there are several immigration programs in Canada, based on the individual immigration needs and demand of Canadian labour market, etc. Hence, in order to choose the best immigration program to apply, you need to have the thorough understanding of the Canadian immigration pathways and category of programs.

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