Canada launched new system to speed processing asylum applications

Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board has launched a new asylum processing system for “less complex” cases from selected countries.

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On tuesday, judges at the canadian cmmigration and immigration board will begin assessing claims under the so-called file review process – that is, making a decision based on the plaintiffs’ requests without having to hold a hearing – or a brief interview, where there are few debatable issues to be identified the fate of the applicant for asylum by admissibility or rejection or referral of the application to a hearing before the judge.

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Last December, the Immigration and Refugee Board began to make claims based on newly created lists of countries and the nature of the claims. In total, 25 of the Langao refugee judges were assigned this allowance.

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To qualify for the file review process, the claimant must be from one of the fourteen countries: Afghanistan, Burundi, Egypt, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Venezuela and Yemen.

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However, each of these states will not be automatically accelerated.

For example, Saudi claims alleging persecution on the basis of sex or religious affiliation can not be evaluated without a hearing. As for asylum seekers from Libya, claims must include corruption, extortion, kidnapping or the threat of kidnapping militias.

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Some of the claims from 11 countries are recommended for brief hearings: sexual persecution in the Bahamas, Iran, Russia, Rwanda and Venezuela … escape from criminality and corruption in Nigeria, Peru, Saint Vincent and Saint Lucia … and threats in Djibouti because of political opinion and activity .

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According to the Refugee Council, these countries and claims were selected for faster processing because their acceptance rate was 80 per cent or higher, and the quality of the risks faced by asylum-seekers was generally well documented.

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The Canadian Immigration Minister said he was confident that the backlog of claims for asylum would be processed as the refugee system underwent some changes.

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There are over 64,000 asylum claims – including nearly 35,000 illegal immigrant refugees pending a decision by the Immigration and Refugee Board.

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“We have appointed many judges to be able to hold hearings in places such as Calgary and Vancouver, and we have invested again in the Immigration and Refugee Board to hire more staff so that we can provide quick service without compromising the process,” Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussein said in Calgary on Friday. Fair sound “.

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The latest statistics show that the Council has more than 73,000 existing claims and that the waiting time for a hearing is now approximately 24 months. Many of these asylum seekers have come across the border between the United States and Canada since late 2015 after US President Donald Trump came to the presidency and demanded that illegal immigrants be prosecuted.

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