Cambridge Immerse Scholarship Programme in UK 2019

  • Free Tuition, Free Textbooks and No Exam fees.
  • Deadline: June 6, 2019

Cambridge Immerse Scholarship Programme in UK 2019

Students who are willing to get any financial help they must apply for scholarship provided by Cambridge Immerse which can reduce fees up to 100%. 

Cambridge Immerse is academic programme consisted on various and enhanced curriculum. It has two types of programmes. One is for 16-18 year old students, in which students get the essence of studying a subject at the university level. Second is for 13-15 year old students in which they start up their interests and get comprehensive help about pursuing the different subject further.

All academic sessions are made cautiously and are taught by experienced faculty. The environment is strictly educational and it urges all potential of students towards learning.

Our schedule is planned by keeping this aim in view that students not only get their academic needs rather they would avail a healthy experience of their study with plenty of extracurricular activities. Students of Cambridge are proud to have excellent leaning and good experience in this institute. They feel more confidence and great stimulation to do best in the time to come. 

Eligibility Cambridge Immerse Scholarship Programme

Scholarship applicants should be between 13-18 years. They should have residence in UK till the completion of academic session in Cambridge. 
They must be attending some non-fee school or if they are going to fee-paying school they must be availing a scholarship or any kind of financial aid. 

Benefits Cambridge Immerse Scholarship Programme

We make our participants to be challenged with interesting and enchanting academic concepts. Our expert tutors create a welcoming and supportive environment so that pur participants can explore more in the World while getting Up to 100% Participation Fee

Application Form:

Applicants should authentically fill an online form.

Deadline 7 December 2019

On 4th January 2020 by 18:00, applicants will be notified of whether they have been successful in reaching Stage 2.

Scholarships in the USA is Provided by George Washington University, Masters plus Ph.D. Programs for Talented students.

USA Scholarships are provided are fully funded.


The Global Leaders Fellowship is for incoming graduate students (master’s and doctoral) at the George Washington University who will return to their countries of origin to apply skills learned through their formal education at the GW. The fellowship is intended for GW graduate students who will be future leaders in their fields in their home countries.


1. These scholarships are fully funded. 2. Most of the student will receive a fee waiver.3. Travel expenses will be on Organization.


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