know about a partner visa to Australia

The most important points to consider when applying for a partner visa are that an Australian citizen, a permanent resident in Australia and a New Zealand citizen who is eligible to reside in Australia are entitled to bring the partner under the 309 partner visa.

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Australian law defines a partner as a spouse, a partner through accommodation after 12 months, a fiancé or a partner in a relationship.

The partner visa is divided into two temporary and two permanent stages after the expiry of the specified period and the fulfillment of the terms of the relationship.

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 This visa fee is $ 7,000.

Some visas with a no further stay condition do not allow the holder to apply for a partner visa.

A partner’s permanent visa may take two years after arriving in Australia under a temporary visa.

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This visa does not require a physical guarantee and the recipients of social benefits and students are entitled to bring the partner under it.

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Conditions for obtaining a visa:

The relationship must be real and evidenced by evidence that the partners or spouses live in a single address.

There is evidence of a material partnership in relationship such as a joint bank account, joint invoices and a joint lease.

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Proving the social aspects of the relationship confirms that it is public through joint participation in social and sports activities together and provides messages of support from close friends of partners who are citizens or permanent residents of Australia over the age of 18.

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Passing the partner to examine the personality and prove that it does not pose a threat to the Australian community.

Pass the Police Check.

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 Passing medical examinations and proving that the applicant does not suffer from contagious diseases.

Prove that the applicant has no criminal record (not judged) in each country where he spent more than 12 months in the past 10 years.

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