Travel to Europe for free and work in farms

Travel or Migration to France, Italy, Spain and other European countries by working on farms is one of the most important means of migration.

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Periods of harvest of some types of vegetables and fruits. Farmers and fields in Europe generally require seasonal workers each year to harvest and farm their agricultural products for at least € 1,000 a month, with food, drink and housing often free of charge.

Employment ministries in Europe allocate an important share of labor contracts to bring in labor from abroad. The government specifies a specific number of job applications, as employers or operators demand, in proportion to their actual needs for workers. The number of seasonal employment contracts in Italy alone In 2018 there are about 31,000 work contracts, where the agricultural sector accounts for the largest proportion of these contracts.

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Working in Europe on these farms takes a few hours a day for months, after which you can explore the country where you work and enjoy your free time to learn about the country’s culture and its benefits. It is an opportunity to acquire new skills and experience in agriculture and agriculture, and you can learn a lot about the environment, fertilizers and other important agricultural knowledge.

Benefit from seasonal work in Europe?

Everyone can benefit from seasonal work offers each year in Europe from all countries of the world without exception, men or women working in France, Spain, Italy and other European countries … and does not require the physical integrity and physical capacity required to do the work, To good behavior. Jobs in fruit and vegetable farms are always available because of the growing agricultural activity of a group of countries in Europe such as Spain, France and Italy. Therefore, these countries need seasonal workers every year.

If You want to stay in Europe after seasonal work?
A temporary worker in any European country may apply for an extension of the period of residence for an additional period, or he can also apply for legal residence after first studying his file for a year. However, the extension of residency may be extended for an additional period if the migrant has qualifications His integration into society and the country’s prosperity.

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In Europe, the authorities of the European country are satisfied that the migrant will not be dependent on the government and will not seek government assistance from the state. The European countries are suffering from the burden of social expenditures, especially those Which benefit migrants.

At least five years after the renewal of residence, the migrant can apply for the nationality of France, Spain or Italy under the Act

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The governments of these countries require only speaking the language of the state, knowing the basics of history and forbidding it, and freeing the criminal file of the person.

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