Immigration or travel to germany through volunteering

Explain the method of immigration to European countries by traveling to Germany for voluntary and social work, and this is in order to care for the elderly and adolescent children and to get the composition and several advantages when traveling to Germany.

About the easy ways to visit European territory by traveling to Germany through volunteering, which is an opportunity to get a travel visa and accept your file quickly . to begin to apply for volunteer work in Germany.

What conditions should everyone have to volunteer in Germany?

  •  You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You have to be a little bit in German.
  •  Valid passport must be valid for at least 3 months.
  • If you have a driver’s license, this enhances your chances of acceptance.

What is the benefit you get by traveling for free as a volunteer in Germany?

  • Of course, if a request to travel as a volunteer is accepted in Germany, you will benefit from many benefits that will help you obtain accommodation on German territory.with German families who need your help.

Providing you with private insurance in German territory– Provide you with an educational course to learn the basics of German language.

  • Provide you with a salary to cover the cost of your stay.

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What kind of work will I do as a volunteer?
What you will do if you accept your application for volunteer work in Germany.

  • Help elderly people manage their homes, especially things that an elderly person can not do.
  •  Care for the needy and people with special needs and some recreational activities
  •  Provide assistance and support for children and adolescents in schools and kindergartens and to provide them with various activities such as sports and cultural activities and undertake reconnaissance trips with them.
  •  Provide moral support to patients, especially if you have experience or certificates in nursing.

How to apply for free travel as a volunteer to Germany?
If you have the conditions that have been mentioned as a volunteer, register now for free and fill in the form with the information required by you and make sure that all the information recorded is correct.

How do I know that I was accepted as a volunteer in Germany?
Upon approval of your application, you will be contacted via Skype to interview you, asking questions about why you have chosen to travel as a volunteer and some other personal questions. While giving you an overview of some of the volunteering activities you may wish to accomplish, Hold a volunteer or invitation where you can obtain a German visa.

Note: Only the visa and ticket costs are paid by the volunteer.


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