How can immigration to Sweden by marriage

Getting married to a Swedish girl and getting the nationality of Sweden is a dream that many people around the world, especially those who do not have stability in their countries or economic things, have a hard time, which makes them look for a better place to live.

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How do you find the right Swedish girl ?

The fastest way to find the right Swedish girl for marriage and immigration to Sweden is at dating sites or on social networking sites, where the relationship begins with the marriage ending with the marriage agreement.

The most important thing is that the relationship started frankly, as the girl in Sweden prefers the honest man who can offer love and can take responsibility for marriage.

For immigration to Sweden by marriage: 

  1. The legal procedures you must follow

The non-Swedish spouse applies for formal immigration to Sweden through marriage and permanent residence with the support of the Swedish spouse under family reunification provided by Swedish law for at least 6 months. During this period, the Swedish Immigration Service ensures the credibility of marriage, where marriage should be the purpose and not marriage for the sake of interest, since it is important to prove marriage at the ceremony.

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The family group is requested by the Swedish spouse in the immigration authorities to submit the necessary documents, including the marriage contract, the husband’s identity, the certificate of birth, and a certificate proving that he is not married to another woman at the same time as the Swedish law prohibits polygamy.

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After obtaining official residence in Sweden, the husband can take advantage of all the rights guaranteed by Sweden to residents on its territory such as health coverage, the right to university education and the right to work in Sweden legally. The husband is also entitled to Swedish nationality after at least 4 years after entering the Swedish territory.

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