Get a work permit in Sweden

The residence permit allows you to work legally in Sweden and as a newcomer to the country, you can go to the Labor Office, an official institution that is the mediator between job seekers and employers in Sweden

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You can register your name, qualifications and qualifications and the area where you can work with. Demonstrating all your diplomas and papers proving your experience in previous positions you have performed. The office will then look for suitable work that suits your qualifications or provides you with a place for practical training, but the training is not paid.

The Labor Office also takes responsibility for finding a place to live by communicating with municipalities. Among these tasks, the Swedish Labor Office continues to provide Swedish education for newcomers as quickly as language is the key to entering the Swedish community portal and enhancing their chances of finding employment.

In addition to coordinating with the new refugees in order to consolidate and consolidate them in accordance with the scheme of consolidation with the help of the guide of consolidation, which contributes to providing support and facilities in relation to the implementation of the scheme of entrenchment for each refugee For more information and vacancies available.


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