Travel to Europe or America for free for 4 weeks

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Travel to Europe or America for free .. Maybe this might be for you just a dream !! But in fact, this is very important, and this is what you will discover with us in this article.

World Nomad has launched a great competition and is available to many countries in the world to win a trip to Europe or America, in a van for free and for 4 weeks paid for.

How do I travel to Europe or America for free?
In order to achieve your dream of free travel to Europe or America of your choice, you only need to register in the competition of the World Nomad, which specializes in travel insurance.

If you are lucky, you will be able to achieve this dream.

1_ What is required of me in this competition?
In this competition you are asked to register only, and to submit a message consisting of 100 words only trying to convince them that you deserve to win the trip.

2_ Are there any conditions for registering in this competition?
Yes, there are conditions, but these conditions are very easy as follows:

Candidates must be 18 years of age or older.
Have a valid passport for at least 8 months.
Candidates must have a driving license.
3_ Is the level of study, proof or language required?
None of this is required for any academic or language level.

The only requirement is that you must register in English and that all information is written in correct English in error.
The requirement to speak English is unnecessary because the competition is for many nationalities around the world.

4_ How is the winner chosen to travel to Europe or America?
The winner will be selected based on what is written in the message during registration.

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Where the best message is chosen in terms of expression, aesthetic, persuasion and creativity.

5_ What exactly is the prize?
The winner of this competition will benefit from these things:

Travel to Europe or America according to the choice he made in the registration.
Choose a companion (friend, girlfriend or relative ….) to travel with him.
Air ticket for return and return of the two persons for free.
Van Van is free to travel in Europe or America for 4 weeks (paid insurance).
Win $ 6,000 to spend on the trip.
Win $ 2000 for concerts and festivals along the journey.
Full trip equipment worth $ 2500.
Get a layout for the free trip from A to Z

6_ When will the journey begin:
The winner of the competition will have to start his journey at the time he wishes, during the period from 1 June 2018 to 30 September 2018.

Means you have 4 weeks to start them at any time during this period.

7_ What should I do on this trip?
You and your companion do something that you can move around and stay in the place you like most, without interfering in your decision for four weeks.

8_ Can I go to the hotel?
The winner and his companion will be accompanied by a “bedroom”, a kitchen and all that they need.

But if you want to go to the hotel, they can do that, through the amount of money you have received to spend on the trip.


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