Conditions for admission to Canada

What is the immigration program to Canada?

Or also known as the fast system. We will talk about this issue in a detailed way about the immigration program to Canada, as well as how and to what the terms of submission.

What is the purpose of this program?

In particular, this program aims to reduce the period of study and processing of immigration applications to Canada, which makes the waiting period for studying the migration file a short period. You can migrate to Canada through this system within 6 months instead of a period The long wait could take up to two years.

Migration Conditions, Fast Track 2018

Employment program skilled to Canada federal system

– The applicant must have a working hours of up to 1560 working hours.

– It is also necessary that the applicant must be proficient in one of the English or French languages ​​up to this level according to the Canadian standard. CLB

– The person should evaluate the certificates obtained from outside Canada by an Canadian institution accredited by the Canadian Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship.

– The applicant must prove that he has money to pay for personal expenses and expenses.

Craft program to Canada Federal system

– The applicant must have a two-year experience in one of the following trades:

Canada Immigration and Visa Jobs

Agriculture .



Industry .


Building .

Bakery workers.

The butcher.

Natural resources.

The list of occupations required in Canada is updated and is not fixed.

– The person must be proficient in one of the English or French languages ​​according to the Canadian standard CLB.

Canadian Migration Program to Canada

– Have a work experience in Canada for one year in the last three years prior to applying for immigration to Canada.

– The applicant must be proficient in one of the English or French languages ​​in accordance with the Canadian standard CLB.

In addition, a person must obtain a career certification from Canada by a professional sponsor in Canada.

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