Skills required from companies in the Gulf

A new report by the world’s largest job site shows that 65 percent of companies in the Gulf are planning to hire in the next three months.

With the emergence of new jobs in recent years, companies have begun to focus more on the skills the candidate has today. The following are the most important skills for companies in the region, according to’s study.

Good communication in Arabic and English

The ability to communicate in both languages ​​is key to any job, while 63 percent of companies said that this skill is the most important skill you are looking for in an employee.

Leadership skills

Companies now follow a new business model, with each employee assuming greater responsibilities, so 39 percent of companies are looking for an employee with leadership qualities.

Working within a team

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The skill of working in a team is equally important among companies looking for new employees. 39 percent of companies planning to hire in the coming months said team spirit was one of the most important skills they were looking for in a job candidate.

Working under pressure

Although companies are determined to hire, they still expect the employee to do a lot of work, so they put a lot of pressure on the employee and look for the employee who can handle the pressure. Companies are also interested in efficiency and productivity skills at a rate of 29 percent.

Ability to negotiate

Senior and middle management positions account for about half of vacancies in companies planning to hire before the end of the year. This may be justified by the importance that firms attach to negotiating skills, with 33 percent of companies seeing these skills as priorities. As well as the ability to manage people at a rate of 30 percent.

Creativity and ability to meet new challenges

Gulf countries are moving away from dependence on oil, and 32 percent of companies that will create jobs say innovation is one of the most important skills they are looking for. This skill is equally important with the ability to meet new challenges (32 percent).

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