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This topic for those wishing to come to Europe, specifically the Nordic ..

There is a lawyer who lives in Denmark in a city called Udensa, who brings in those who want to work in Scandinavia and the Netherlands

Where he obtained legal contracts in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands + accepted a study + treatment in Europe

This person pays a small amount of money to any average production plant or a small or a service company or a weak productivity in exchange for their correspondence to the Immigration Service to get employment

The organization sends a request to recruit workers from the Immigration Department, and the Immigration Department approves, then the lawyer sends this paper to you to attend the embassy, ​​and along the embassy gives you a work visa

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At a very fantastic time, the maximum week duration, and the pizzas will be for 3 years

The only problem is, of course, a workgroup but a local one (dedicated to the country of work). With this, you have the right to travel and travel all over Europe

But you do not have the right to work in the next country

When you arrive you can stay in contact with the company or the factory by paying 50 euros per month

In order to ensure the renewal of the concession for another 3 years

But in this period if you can get married, asylum or study you do not need to be associated with them, and they will not ask for this.

This person is called Tad dona, a Danish national


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