Illegal Immigration – Causes and Solutions

Illegal immigration is called a way for people to get from one country to another illegally, without complying with the laws and customs of the country to be entered, such as the entry visa to that country.

The methods of travel and illegal immigration are defined by several names: 
1. Secret immigration.
2. Irregular migration.
3. Illegal immigration.
4. Illegal immigration.
5. Access black.

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The causes of illegal or illegal immigration are many, but we will mention three reasons: months, and these reasons are as follows:
1 – armed conflicts such as we see in Syria, Iraq and others.
2- Anthropological and ethnic conflicts such as those in Central Africa, Burma and others.
3 – economic reasons and this is not limited to a particular country, and because of unemployment and lack of decent living.

Illegal immigration on humanitarian grounds:
People who seek illegal immigration for one of the reasons # 1 and # 2 are often fleeing from death and are forced to do so. Those who arrive in this way are considered refugees.

Illegal immigration for economic reasons:

People seeking immigration as explained in Reason 3 are not exposed to death, but because of the lack of life and living in their country, they are looking for illegal migration, but their reasons do not justify the behavior of this dangerous road, which we do not recommend to anyone, whatever the reasons. Via another safe.

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Where do illegal immigrants go:

This question is difficult to answer, but with some estimates, some countries in Europe, the United States, Australia and Canada have the lion’s share of these numbers.

Where do illegal immigrants come from?
The continent of Africa, the continent of Asia and the South and Central American continents are a source of illegal immigration, and one of the efforts of the United States is to limit immigration by land and sea with immigrants from neighboring Mexico, the largest source of illegal immigrants entering the United States.

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Treat the countries of the world with migration illegal legitimacy:
No one can deny the terrible failure faced by most countries in the face of the phenomenon of illegal immigration and offer near-radical solutions to this phenomenon, but this failure caused by these countries themselves, and the largest example of this is the European countries that do not have an immigration system that codifies the process of asylum and migration, Europe does not offer asylum except in two ways.

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The first way is through UNHCR, which is not doing much, and is frustrated by the pressure of large numbers on it, the limited number of refugees that European countries agree to bring to Europe through UNHCR, the second way of asylum from within the territory of the European state And the European countries do not allow asylum through their embassies or consulates, as if they say to people that you should leave death in your country and then go to death again through the death boats in the vast sea before reaching us, and then look at it. We may give you asylum or not, and I may find many people criticizing me by saying that all people will go to European embassies and consulates for asylum is allowed through European embassies and consulates.

 This will certainly happen, but can not Europe or the United Nations This process is codified to make each State a quota So that countries such as Italy, Germany and Sweden can not bear the burden of pregnancy alone. 

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Countries such as Britain and Switzerland are making us human rights, and then we look at the numbers of refugees on their land to find them negligible. Countries like Australia, instead of thinking about evacuating refugees to Papua New Guinea, should think about something. Magdi in speeding up and facilitating the process of asylum and immigration to it, and this applies to Canada as well, for example, a person who thinks of immigration to Canada, we find it waiting two years to complete the file of immigration, is this logical, while the United States, which is considered illegal immigration from a political perspective, This will not help They are something, but will increase the flow of immigrants from Mexico and America, but more recently we hear a lot of those calling for the reform of the immigration system in America Will reform be achieved, the question that I feel is in the minds of many people who read this article Now, about my great dealings with Western countries and forget about the role of the Arab countries and the Gulf in the growing phenomenon of illegal immigration, I tell them that you are with the dead a thousand years, do you answer.

Misconceptions about illegal immigration:
When a person hears the word illegal immigrants, he has many Hollywood ideas in his mind, thinking that these are pirates or thieves, and that is a misconception because these are people whose only sin is to escape death or to find a country that provides them with life and decent living. These people are searched in the wrong ways, but before we blame them, we must blame those who have not provided and explained the right ways to conduct legal migration routes and to avoid illegal migration.

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Finally, many people may think that illegal immigration is restricted to entering the country illegally, but is considered to be a visa to a country for the purpose of visiting and then working in an institution is considered an illegal immigrant or persons who go to Schengen visa and do not leave after the end of the visa period They are illegal immigrants, and so every country has its own measure of whether someone has broken a visa as an illegal immigrant under the law of this country. That’s all I have about illegal immigration. If anyone has another opinion he can write Through comments.

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