Asylum to Netherlands and get 1400 euros

Asylum to the Netherlands The Netherlands is currently one of the best European countries to receive refugees and very few people are denied asylum. There are two types:

1. Political asylum

2. Humanitarian asylum is the common type

There must be one of the following conditions to accept asylum in the Netherlands:

– Have a justified fear of prosecution because of religion, race, nationality, political thought or belonging to a particular group.

– Fear of torture or death or degrading treatment in your home country.

– Fear of indiscriminate violence such as armed conflict in your country so you can not live in your country because it is not safe.

– Departure from your country Because of threats to your life by groups that your government can not protect you from, it is likely that the Dutch government will cancel this item among the reasons for accepting asylum.

Stages of asylum:

The scenario of legitimate arrival begins with the journeys. Passengers will hide in the reception hall and stay away from the transit gates of the plane for the second hour of departure. If the traveler’s order is discovered before the departure of the plane or after half an hour’s departure, And then deport him to the state that was his original destination.

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In the event of access to the Netherlands with forged passport or black access most people hide their passport and go to the nearest police headquarters, but the length of acceptance of admission papers may be prolonged because of transit to the Netherlands in irregular ways or so-called black transit. Many Syrians have resorted to smuggling to the Netherlands after many attempts to travel legally and did not succeed. Some of them go through Lebanon, then Libya and then to the Netherlands, and there are those who travel from Turkey to Greece and then to the Netherlands.

In the first two weeks after the submission of the asylum papers, the refugees gather in a large camp and a server from all walks of life. After that, they move to a larger camp consisting of multi-storey buildings and a special section for families. Each person is given € 220 per month as a personal expense. The government provides food, The camps give three meals per day per person. After issuing asylum papers and securing a house of residence (the government chooses the house and takes care of the rent), each family is given 1200-1400 Euros per month depending on the circumstances and the number of each family and the Dutch city. On accommodation If a person wishes to have a family reunification process, he / she can submit the application after issuance of the asylum application. The family reunification treatment takes six months to a year, but may be extended or shortened depending on the number of transactions performed by the entity responsible for studying applications. Family reunification If a child over the age of 18 causes a delay in the admission period.

Every child under the age of 18 is given free health insurance and monthly subsidy of at least 75 euros per month.

– Tir Apple is the largest and best refugee camp in the Netherlands, the northern Netherlands. Most of the refugees are placed in this camp and then transferred to smaller camps such as camps on the Belgian border in the south or border camps near Germany.

Refugee residence:

The Netherlands gives either a year or five years of refugee status to each person and status, but is required not to return to his or her asylum country because he is at risk and can apply for Dutch citizenship five years after the first time in the camps. In the event of refusal to grant asylum or nationality, the decision of refusal can be appealed through the court with a lawyer.

After the end of the asylum, the residence may be renewed for a year or five years. You can renew the residence once again and within the condition of a contract of employment. The government must ensure that the refugee can live without government aid

Refugee Education:

Refugee education in the Netherlands is free or nominal. There is an organization called uaf, which specializes in educating refugees, such as teaching Dutch, studying university, modifying university diplomas, and after completing learning and finding work, the student pays 40% of the expenses spent by the organization during his / her education.

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