Asylum To Finland via Russia

The smuggling route from Russia to Finland is one of the most dangerous routes to Europe, although this is far from the sea and death boats. This is due to the harsh nature of the road, as well as gangs that sell people to each other.

People’s experiences about crossing the Russian-Finnish border are frightening. Human traffickers on the borders of Russia and Finland manipulate human lives. Smugglers smuggle migrants together several times. One person tells people that human smugglers were taking money to transport them from Russia to Finland. At the same time other people are asking for more money to complete the journey. Those who refuse to surrender to the Russian police may even be threatened with death.

The big problem is that people said that human smugglers tricked them before entering Finland through Russia and handed them over to the Russian police, which treated them humiliatingly. The Russian police deported many Syrian nationals after their arrest.
Trouble smuggling through Russia to Finland

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Most people mentioned in their businesses that the road is very tired, given the cold weather that people from countries with hot climates have not been accustomed to, along with constant fear of the unknown.

Formal tightening of procedures

Apart from human smugglers, Finland and Russia have agreed to close their border to prevent migrants from crossing into Finland and then to Europe, thus making traffic on the Arctic route nearly closed.

The border control agreement between Russia and Finland was scheduled to last for six months and, despite the agreed deadline, talk about the abolition of border control was not discussed by Russia or Finland.

The road is dangerous
Despite the risk of migration to Finland through Russia and the tightening of Russia and Finland, there are about 2000 people who arrived in Finland through Russia in 2017 according to official statistics by Finland.

Our conversation today was based on the experiences of many of the migrants who passed through this road, and in the end everyone has the freedom to behave the way he likes, but it is better to choose the right path with caution.
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