Procedure’s travel to America after winning the lottery of immigration

Proceed to travel to America after winning immigration lottery
In this important area we offer you the steps that you should follow after winning the American Immigration Lottery to complete the procedures of submission of documents until the date of interview at the US Embassy.

1 – The first and basic step that can not travel to America without it is the passport step, and those who have not produced a passport so far must be extracted quickly, and prefer to extract the passport early before the results of the lottery, but does not want to extract the vicinity of travel early can be extracted after the emergence The result then completes the rest of the steps.

2 – Fill out a 260 DS online form.
When entering a page, the person enters his or her Number Case and complies with the rest of the requirements,
An article explaining how to fill out the US DS 260 DS form step by step. The step of the form is the most important step in travel procedures to America after winning the American lottery, because it is on which everything is built after that.
The form should be filled out as soon as the result appears. The form includes questions to collect information about the person who wants to travel to the United States, which is a complete guide to the person who wants to travel to America, the longest step in the travel procedures before the lottery winners.
After filling out the form, the person will send a message to send to Kentucky in the United States. After the transmission, the person will receive a message informing him of the termination of his application. This letter must be printed and attached to the file that will be taken to the US Embassy.
Those who can not complete the application form can use an immigration office for America,

In exchange for payment of assistance in completing the 260 DS form.
3. Obtain an appointment at the US Embassy. The person will receive an e-mail on the 260 DS registered mail at the US Embassy. Each person must check his / her mail permanently.
Required papers at the Embassy of the winners in the US Lottery:
1 – Passport of the person.
2 – To conduct a medical examination at a medical center accredited by the US Embassy in the country of the person, and then include the papers of the examination to the file.
3. Original birth certificate.
4 – The absence of a sentence or what is known as the judicial record, which shows the absence of a person’s record of crimes.

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5. A certificate of termination of service, or a document indicating that a person is not required to serve, in countries where military service is compulsory.
6. Original copy of marriage document for married persons, or divorce document for divorced persons.
7 – The confirmation letter for Form 260 DS which the person is printing to fill out the application form through the Internet.
8. If a person wins the lottery and has already been deported from the United States, he / she must fill out the I-212 form and enclose it with the file and submit it to the Embassy. Form I-212
9 – 2 valid passport photos, 5×5 cm white background. When shooting, the photographer can be informed that the photo is for the purpose of presentation at the embassy.
10. Payment of travel fees for the American lottery.
11. The guarantor’s paper and the guarantor of the person in the lottery is a resident or holder of US citizenship or holding a residence in America. The guarantor provides proof of his ability to secure and host the winner of the lottery after traveling to the United States, as well as receiving the green card of the winner by lot. An Arab country that has been exempted from the guarantor paper for the difficulty of providing it.
12 – Certificate of academic qualification of the applicant.
13 – Conducting the interview at the embassy or consulate, and the questions of the embassy are centered on several points such as : Have you traveled to America before?
How many children do you have?
Who is the person who placed his address in America and who will be sent a green card on it. What is your job, and you have to tell the consul directly, for example, the teacher says that he is a teacher and so on.

After the interview at the US Embassy: Then the person signs his file, the consul signs it, the person leaves his fingerprints on the electronic fingerprint at the embassy, ​​and at the same time the consul informs the person of his or her success in the interview and that he can travel to the United States or not succeed in the interview. Travel to the United States.
The visa will be sent with the passport within two weeks by the embassy’s courier company to the address of the person, so that this procedure is the last procedure in the procedures of travel to America after winning the American lottery and after the arrival of the American visa can travel to America.
Preparing to travel to America: After completing travel to the US at the Embassy, ​​during the waiting period of the visa, the person prepares himself financially and morally in preparation for travel, and after the arrival of the visa must leave the person to America within a period not exceeding 6 months from the receipt of the visa. Note: Documents required within the procedures for travel to America after winning the American Draw
Copies must be attached to the file, in addition to the translation of the documents at a sworn translator It is accredited by the US Embassy or Consulate.

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