Required occupations in Germany and the German labor market

More professions required in Germany and the German labor market

What are the most required professions in Germany and the German labor market? The question varies from one state to another, because there are occupations that are among the most required professions in Germany, but the demand for these professions may be limited to some German states, not all, because there are other German states where the professions are close enough.

More professions required in Germany:

1. Care for older persons
Social work, especially the profession of care for the elderly, one of the most required professions in Germany, and the way to emigrate to Germany in this profession is one of the easiest ways to migrate to Germany.

2. Information technology experts
The field of information technology is one of the most demanding fields of work in Germany, and includes many professions such as security analysts, systems engineers and other professions.
The automotive industry is one of the most demanding jobs in Germany, especially in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany’s largest automaker.

3 – Medicine

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Immigration to work in Germany in the field of medicine is the most important gateway for immigrants to Germany. The German medical sector is witnessing a great shortage of workers. This is due in part to the huge German medical market, which is not limited to German citizens only. The countries where people go for treatment, in addition to the migration of many German doctors towards Norway and Scandinavia, because the level of wages in the medical sector in these countries is higher than Germany.

The profession of nursing is one of the most important professions in Germany, and it is one of the most required professions in Germany at all. The labor market in Germany is experiencing a great shortage in this field as a result of the emigration of many of these workers from Germany to Norway. The most sought-after professions in Norway, and the wage rate in Norway is very high compared with Germany’s wage rate.

Another list of the most required occupations in Germany:

The professions in Germany are not limited to the above professions. There are no occupations required in Germany.

1 – Employees in the engineering of automotive mechanics
2 – Mechatronics engineers
3 – Employees in the field of computer science
4 – workers and technicians heating and air conditioning
5 – Plumbing workers
6 – chefs
7 – Software developers
8. Sales experts
9. Financial and accounting experts
10. Construction work

Of course, there are other jobs that deserve to be among the most required professions in Germany and these professions are the most important and most sought in the German market, there are also occupations that require vocational training in Germany, such as the profession of construction worker, and requires work in these professions study in German, at least Access to level B1 in German.

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